Your Good Friday Walk

A Message from
Kay Doherty:

As I look ahead to Good Friday 2019 I am humbled by the realization of all that the Spirit of God has generated. So many of us have been gifted, in so many ways. And over $3,700,000 has been given away!!

For a walk to fully be a Good Friday Walk, it is essential that some money be raised and given away. Sharing’s proceeds go to alleviate some of the deprivation in the lives of children, living in the rural south, who suffer the dual oppressions of racism and economic poverty.

WHAT? I invite you to join us on April 19, 2019.

WHO? Anyone who is mobile can participate.

HOW? You can walk one mile, twenty miles or any number in-between.

WHERE? If you don’t live close to any of the Good Friday Walk locations listed on our Mission page, walk wherever you live.

WHO WILL BENEFIT? The southern organizations who received funds from our 2018 Walk were: Federation of Southern Cooperatives Land Assistance Fund, Epes, Alabama and Atlanta, Georgia. The 21st Century Youth Leadership Development Project, Selma, Alabama, and The Kemetic Institute Mound Bayou, MS.

Interested in Walking on
Good Friday or sponsoring
a walker?

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