In January 1972, Kay Doherty, one New England woman, learned that the North Bolivar County Farm Co-op in Mound Bayou, Mississippi was about to collapse due to federal budget cutbacks.

She sought help to organize a Walk to raise money for the Co-op. When none was forthcoming she decided to walk on Good Friday herself, alone if necessary.

From that day, Good Friday has become a day on which many Christians choose to walk as Jesus did. They are joined by people of other beliefs who walk in the shared conviction that we must respond with love and justice wherever God’s people cry out.

The original Walk of 1972, incorporated as Sharing in 1975, remains focused on rural poverty in the southern states. The majority of grants in recent years have been sharply focused on the needs of children – supporting gifted, committed, caring groups who are making a difference in the lives of children who suffer the dual oppression of economic poverty and racism. Each year Kay travels south and evaluates organizations that receive support from Sharing.

Sharing, Inc. is the 501c3 non-profit organization that administers the Good Friday Walk program and promotes its expansion.

The dues paid by Sharing’s members support the administrative costs of this work. Because of these dues, Sharing is able to give away well over 90% of money raised on Good Friday.