Christmas Project

Each year at Christmas time, Sharing sends gifts to African American children living in the rural south whose families are economically poor. These gifts have included dolls, basketballs, baby blankets and many beautiful new books by and about African Americans. Between 1995 and 2013 more than 11,000 new books have been sent to children in the rural south. For the past seven years books have been channeled through the office of Alabama State Senator Hank Sanders to the 93 schools in his senatorial district. In part Senator Sanders has responded to Kay: “…Thank you Kay, thank you Sharing inc. for the wonderful books you continue to send. It’s a great joy to be a part of giving these special books to our school children. You can never truly know what a difference these books make in the lives of these children. Neither can I… I read the book Barack Obama – Son of Promise, Child of Hope the same day I received it. It is a special book. I have passed it on to Faya Rose. We shall read it to our grandchildren by blood and spirit. They too shall be sons and daughters of promise and children of hope.”

Would you like to purchase a book for a student? Average cost is $15.
Contact us at for information.