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In 2013 Sharing had $83,257 to distribute to our organizations in the south. This year, due primarily to Good Friday being the start of school vacation, we will only have $66,500.

Please help us close that gap.
Every dollar will count.

May, 2014

Dear Sharing Friend,

“Life is full of miracles disguised as the ordinary”*

Indeed on the face of it April 18, 2014 was an ordinary day. Yet from my perspective it was far from ordinary, it was miraculous.

  • On January 14th, while driving in the middle lane of I84 in Connecticut, a momentary
    loss of consciousness had brought me close to death. There could easily have been a
    multi-car accident, but there wasn’t. I give thanks continuously!
  • April 18th was the 28,321st day I had received the gift of life!
  • April 18th had 900 plus people celebrating Good Friday by walking and/or working
    on a Walk to raise funds for others. According to Macrina Wiederkehr O.S.B. to
    celebrate is “to be radically present to the message received”. Isn’t the message of
    Jesus’ life one of sacrificial love, active love beyond mere words? As our Purple Foot
    Award has stated for years, “God is a verb and that verb is Love”.

What had begun as a simple impulse to help some families in the Mississippi Delta has
been conflated by the Spirit “…from a solemn observance into a sacred celebration of
unconditional love in which the Christ spirit lives...”** When you read the figures that
follow you might also call them miraculous!

Walking on Good Friday, ever since my first one in 1972, has been liturgy for me, love’s
liturgy. Thanks to the generosity of Davis Taylor, then the publisher of the Boston
Globe, who sent me to Mississippi after that first Walk, I have been so blessed, so
enriched by the experiences and relationships that have developed over the years.

These relationships and experiences have introduced me to a world seemingly quite
different from my own. Most significantly, as a “white” woman, I have been able to
glimpse life from the perspective of African Americans. It has been a rich Spirit-led
journey for which I also give thanks daily.

May we live each day grounded by faith, working for justice and walking in Joy!

Please accept my gratitude for whatever part you played in making this particular
evidence of God’s Love happen.


Shalom, Kay Doherty Signature

*Joan Chittister O.S.B.
**Charlanne VanWormer


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